Meltech has a firm commitment to eliminating hazards, protecting workers, and continuously improving safety and health on our job sites. Safety is the top priority on each Meltech jobsite regardless of size. Our primary goal is to prevent workplace injuries, illnesses, and deaths, as well as the suffering and financial hardship these events can cause for employees and families. Meltech ensures that our corporate leadership, management, supervisors and field staff all share our commitment to safety. Meltech has a comprehensive Health and Safety Program that encompasses a full range of construction activities with standards prescribing a variety of mechanical safeguards and procedures with a proactive approach to managing workplace safety health that strictly adheres to OSHA and ISO 45001 guidelines. All of Meltech’s employees are required to complete occupational training programs as a condition of employment. Meltech provides frequent and regular inspections of our job sites, materials, and equipment to ensure safe work practices. Meltech regularly schedules training and requires daily safety meetings to refresh safety knowledge, re-establish Meltech workplace safety program, policies and processes and ensure that all employees are trained to perform their jobs without injury.

 Meltech Corp; Inc. believes the health, safety and well being of our employees, our associates and those who may visit our sites is of paramount importance.  We also consider the environmental stewardship of our lands to be a key element of our business practice.  With these two points in mind, Meltech Corp; Inc. considers safety to be an integral objective in every operation we take part in.

No job is so important, no task so urgent that we cannot place safety at the cornerstone of the project.


Meltech understands that quality is critical to the success of a construction project. One of Meltech’s primary goals on each project is to reach the highest level of quality achievable by employing the right strategies for managing, assuring, controlling, and improving quality. Meltech’s quality control (QC) program and quality assurance (QA) processes adhere to quality standards such as ASTM, ANSI, ACI, AWS, or other organizations which define quality or workmanship standards. Meltech has a robust quality management process in place that includes planned and systematic activities to fulfill our project’s quality requirements. 

Customers recognize that quality is an important attribute in products and services. With many companies offering design‐build construction services in a highly competitive market, we believe that a strong quality management program is paramount to differentiating our company from our competitors and is, in fact, our competitive advantage.

Consistent quality is the result of commitment and participation by every project participant ‐‐‐ this includes the client, general contractor, subcontractors, sub‐subcontractors and designers.


Honesty and integrity are important tools in any relationship but one of the most important in business relationships. Contracting is a formal business relationship that Meltech ensures is built on trust and dependability. Meltech’s ethics, intrinsic values and internal principles are the core drivers of the business. We honor our commitments to each client and customer. Upholding our commitments are foundation that we have built our reputation on. Meltech’s uncompromising adherence to our moral and ethical principles and values help foster strong relationships in the construction contracting industry – We do what we say we will, the right way, each time. Honestly and truthfulness are important qualities to uphold not only with our clients and customers but also within our team. In an environment where honesty and integrity is supported and maintained, our employees are able to build trust and reliability with co-workers and managers.


Meltech requires that our employees treat their co-workers, managers, clients, visitors and/or pedestrians in a civil and respectful manner. We demand that all of our employees approach each interaction with respect. We ask that employees develop an awareness of the respect that is displayed in all areas of communications which include not only what is said but how it is delivered, tone of voice, and the body language that is demonstrated. Meltech management promotes more listening than talking. Listening without interruption and practicing effective listening skills are respectful ways to communicate. Meltech understands that conflicts will occur in the workplace however, by practicing self-restraint and focusing on the overall objectives when responding to potential conflicts, we may manage reactions and appropriate responses. Meltech’s positive and solution-driven approach helps facilitate our ability to reach resolution.


Construction in the 21st century consists of embracing innovation and new technologies, new building materials, and new sources of energy capable of maximizing efficiency and minimizing our carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Meltech employs innovation and excellence thru our approach to prioritize sustainability on our construction projects to ensure continuous energy output from wind, solar, or other resources. Meltech helps to educate our clients on the energy and performance benefits of sustainable methods and how they may intergrade these clean sustainable energy solutions into their renovations and upgrades. We are consistently adopting and deploying new tools and techniques to encourage innovation and excellence in project management, construction approach, and improvements in processes, methods and services. Meltech utilizes many innovative techniques to help enhance productivity, boost collaboration, improve project management processes and improve our performance standards. Some of Meltech’s innovative methods include cutting edge technologies like BIM Modeling and Cloud-based construction software.